We provide the tools to  program and re-program FLASH memory, which is vital when installing new ECUs or updating existing ECUs with the latest software. We are not in any way affiliated with Mercedes-Benz Ireland, and our goal is to provide a superior service at a lower cost, as an independent Mercedes-Benz garage.

We are based in Limerick city and will recover your Mercedes-Benz  car if needed from all over Ireland. We have a lot of clients from the surrounding counties of Kerry, Clare, Tipperary, Galway and Cork as well as Limerick county.

Diagnostic Tools for Mercedes-Benz

Clondrinagh Motor Centre uses the state of the art Autologic diagnostic system which is the only auto troubleshooting tool in the market able to perform flash programming.

We have the diagnostic tools which can code the programmable ECU with the ideal parameters for a specific vehicle. e. g. The coding of an airbag module to specify which side of the car the driver’s seat is positioned.

We use the Autologic diagnostic tool to code a control module with the correct data for the fitted hardware and will not copy the parameters from a similar ECU.Mercedes-Benz diagnostics

The Autologic diagnostics will automatically generate a screen alert and block the programming if the software proves incompatible with a new ECU – preventing ECUs being miss-programmed and irrevocably damaged.

We can adapt keys to both a vehicle’s immobilizer and central locking system without the need for PIN codes.


Functions of the Autologic Diagnostics for all cars.

  •  ECU Flash programming
  • ECU coding
  • Service Functions
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
  • Live Data / Component actuations
  • Data Logging
  • Real-time software updates via Internet


The following Autologic functions are specific to Mercedes-Benz vehicles

  • SCN Coding (Software Calibration Number) – We can code the latest models.
  • Full variant coding – We offer full variant coding on all modules.
  • Special Functions – With our diagnostic tools, we can provide functions that cannot be provided by dealer software.
  • Injector coding and classification – The fitting of injectors require specific data that our diagnostic tools provide.
  • WSP key coding – We can easily code new keys.

Mercedes-Benz models services

W168, W169, W245, W246, W176,W202, S202, W203, S203, CL203, W204, S204, X204.

C204,C208, A208, C209, A209.

W124, C124, A124, V124, S124, S210, S211, W211, S212, W212, V212, C207, A207.

A140, W140, V140, C140, W220, V220, VF220, W221, V221.

C215, C216,W219, W218,R170, R171, R172,R129, R230, R231.

W463, W163, W164, X164, V251,W166,W414, W638, W639, W901, W905, W906.


For servicing of all other cars