We are BMW enthusiasts and have invested in the right training, equipment & technology to ensure your BMW is serviced correctly and all repair requirements can be met. We utilise the latest autologic diagnostic equipment that is backed up with a comprehensive training, software & hardware support program. This enables us to cater of ALL BMW models.

autologic bmw

Servicing BMW cars with Autologic

Autologic for BMW is a diagnostic tool uniquely designed to replicate the functionality of the tools used by the manufacturer’s dealers. It enables independent garages to provide comprehensive BMW service in their own workshops without relying on dealer availability. The world-first software enables access to full dealer-level capabilities that covers E31, E32, E34, E36, E38, E39, E46, E53, E90, E63/60, E65/66, E70, E85, E87, E90/91/92/93, R50, R52, R53 & R56 . Performance tunes are available for many engines – contact for details. The dealer-level software uses simple touch-screens with extensive help menus, and provides real-time data, component activation, programming, coding and read and clear fault codes.


Systems accessed by Autologic for BMW

  • All engines/fuel pump (EKP)/Valvetronic (VTC)Diagnostics for servicing BMW
  • All transmissions
  • All multiple restraint systems
  • Instrument cluster electronics/IKE
  • Air conditioning/climate control
  • Lamp control module/LSZ
  • Central body electrics
  • Immobiliser EWS/CAS
  • Cruise control
  • On-board computer
  • Multi-information display
  • Multi-functional steering wheelBMW diagnostics
  • Radio/navigation/telephone/video monitor/MOST
  • Park distance control
  • Roll-over system/convertible hood module
  • All adaptive headlights
  • Automatic interval control
  • Electronic ride level control
  • Rain light sensor
  • Radio control system
  • Seat/steering module
  • Xenon lights
  • Language input system
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Infrared remote control
  • Park heating
  • Display/information systems
  • Burglar alarm system (DWA)


BMW Servicing with Confidence…

  • Coding and programming of all control units
  • Engine and immobiliser alignment
  • Trial substitution of control units
  • Setting of car/key memory options
  • Clearing adaption values
  • Adjustment of engine control units
  • Full component activation
  • Fitting of BMW accessories
  • Real-time reading of all dynamic data
  • Reading and resetting of fault codes
  • Correction based service (CBS)
  • Quick test/Quick clear