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We deliver best in class BMW Specialist servicing, & repair to our customers at a competitive price.

We are based in Limerick and have satisfied customers from all over Ireland.

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Specialist in German Auto Servicing

We are Independent BMW & Mini Specialists. We also specialise in the VAG Group; Audi, Volkswagen VW, Skoda & Seat, as well as Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and Jaguar. We are one of the foremost independent car service garage for German vehicles in the Limerick region, providing service, repair and diagnostics, but also cater for all other makes and car models.

From our service centre in Limerick city, we diagnose and repair all makes of cars from our clients from Clare, Tipperary, Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Galway and of course Limerick county itself. We can recover your car if it is broken down in most parts of Ireland and repair it at our facility in Limerick city.

The Clondrinagh Motor Centre was set up with the specific aim of providing a BMW specialist service to the Munster region & beyond. We have invested in the latest training , equipment & technology to ensure we can cater for all BMW models. We also utilise the same skills & equipment to cater for all other makes & models.

Come and visit us at our garage in the Clondrinagh Industrial Estate, in Limerick.

We are not affiliated with BMW Ireland. We only use the term BMW to show the nature of our independent servicing and repair garage.


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Why Choose Us?

  •  Competitive pricing significantly less than main dealers.
  • We operate a 10,000 sq. ft. facility utilising the latest tools & specialist diagnostic equipment.
  • Fully trained professional staff with several years experience.
  • Free pick up & drop off service area within the Limerick area.
  • Breakdown service.
  • Serving Limerick, Munster and Ireland with genuine and professional expertise.

Equipment & Technology for Servicing BMW, Audi, VW and Mercedes-Benz cars

Diagnostics for servicing BMWWe have invested in the right training, equipment & technology to ensure your vehicle is serviced correctly and all repair requirements can be met. We utilise the latest Autologic  diagnostic technology and can cater for all makes and models. We operate an ongoing training & software upgrade program to ensure we are in tune with all existing vehicle updates & new vehicle introductions.

With Autologic , we have the ability to solve complex software issues for all BMW makes. Our in-house system allows us to download the specific error reading and send it to a large team of autologic software engineers in the U.K. within minutes. They in turn will write a specific program to solve the issue and this is then sent electronically to our diagnosis systems.